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Welcome Coyotes, Honey Bees, Bobcats, and Stellar's Jays!

    Let's make this the best year ever! Feeling Creative? We have inspiration, space, and materials ready for your artistic vision.

            September 2023  Paper Arts

Week 1: Monet Presentation and Paper Fractals

Week 2: Donatello Presentation and Paper Mache Bowls

Week 3: Hiroshi Yoshida Presentation and Origami Creatures

Week 4: Kumi Yamashita Presentation and Shadow Puppets(w/a flashlight to take home!).

             October 2023    Draw and Sketch

Week 1: John Muir t Presentation and Nature Journals

Week 2:  M.C. Escher  Presentation and Shade & Contrast

Week 3: Edgar Degas Presentation Still Life Sketch, Vase with Flowers

Week 4: Leonardo da Vinci Presentation and Portrait Drawing

  November 2023   Water Color and Oil Pastels Part 1

Week 1: Georgia O'Keeffe  Presentation and Water Color Study

Week 2: Charlie Harper  Presentation and Oil Pastel Study

Week 3: Pablo Picasso Presentation and Oil Pastel on stone and wood.

Week 4:  Renoir Presentation and Water Color Impressionist Study Techniques

                    December 2023   Textiles Arts

Week 1: Michelangelo Presentation and Tie Dye Art

Week 2: Frida Kahlo  Presentation and Loom Coasters

Week 3: Diego Rivera Presentation and Crochet Winter Scarves

Week 4: Martha Stewart Presentation Gingerbread Houses 

           January 2024    Sculpture

Week 1: Emmi Whitehorse  Presentation and Soap Stone Carvings Part I

Week 2:  Nicole Parish  Soap Stone Carvings Part II

Week 3: Delacroix  Presentation and Oven-Baked Clay Sculptures/Pendants

Week 4:  Warhol Presentation and Perle Bead 3D Sculptures

      February 2024     Pop & Contemporary Art

Week 1: Rosalyn Drexler  Presentation and Mixed Media Collage

Week 2: Shepard Fairey  Presentation and Stamp Prints on Posters

Week 3: Pixar Studios Presentation and Comic Flip Books

Week 4:MoMA  Presentation and Water Color Painting

           March 2024   Expressions through Crafts

Week 1: Dat-So-La Lee  Presentation and Lanyard/Para Cord Weaving

Week 2: Van Gogh  Presentation and Perle Bead Sun Catchers

Week 3:  Edvard Munch Presentation and Friendship Bracelet Knots and Patterns

Week 4:  Theo Jansen  Presentation and Origami Bunnies/Egg Dye

April 2024   Water Color and Oil Pastels Part II

Week 1:  Salvador Dalí  Presentation and Easel Painting

Week 2:   Berthe Marisot  Presentation and Easel Painting

Week 3:  Yayoi Kusama Presentation and Easel Painting

Week 4: Thomas Moran Presentation and Easel Painting

       Practice develops creativity! Repetition with intention.

         May 2024   Graphic Novel Builder

Week 1:  Charles M. Schulz  Presentation and Story Plot, Sketch Characters

Week 2: Wayne Thiebaud  Presentation and Book Drafts

Week 3:  Documentary and Final Drafts

Week 4:  Share Book and Present

    Tell a story with pictures . . .

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