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      Parents and Families have educational choices!

A resource library with education options for South Lake Tahoe Students! Including information to assist with navigating California Department of Education requirements, Links to homeschool, charter, online options, and state approved curriculum options.

     Most choices listed in the library are free to low-cost for families.

DIY HomeSchool

Step 1: Get right with the State:

Parents who file the private school affidavit to privately educate or "home school" their children must select and provide all curricular, instructional, and other materials (CDE)

Step 2: Select your curriculum:

Check out our list of DIY Curriculum Components to build your own, or surf the web based on your student's learning styles, needs, and interests. Not all items in the resource list meet CA State Standards. Records of learning should be maintained for State audits.

Hint: I try to focus on the minimal State requirements than go big on enrichment and meaningful learning experiences.

Step 3: File the affidavit:

Step 4: Learn and keep records            




Selecting a Charter/Online School

Step 1: Research Schools

Start with a student analysis: What are your child's interests? How much time is appropriate to be spent on academics? More educator support or more independence? What lies down the road for their education goals? Make it fun!

Step 2: Select and Enroll

Step 3: Prepare for School Year and make it fun!


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