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   One of the components that enriches the lab experience is that the staff and space strive to meet the needs of all students in individual ways.
  Sensory supports are built into our program to empower students to manage their space for best possible learning outcomes.
  The Tahoe Learning Lab commits to providing quiet and comfortable spaces that are accessible to all students.

-Seating options such as wobble chairs, ball chairs, and floor cushions are provided. Fidget toys are offered. Lighting that can adjust and space for movement are just some of the elements of design in the lab to support a range of learning strategies.
- Small group ratios provide built-in comforts and reduce distractions from a large student population. This supports students who experience anxiety or other sensitivities to  relax and focus on their education.
- Less transitions from multiple classes with different students and different teachers each block helps to reduce stress and maintain continuity of creative flow.
- Reduced program hours help students avoid burnout and keep the learning fresh and meaningful.
- Students are empowered to balance their learning pace and have the ability to take stretch and bathroom breaks as they see appropriate.
- The lab offers incentive to pursue what inspires them. Each day at the lab, students will be able to explore and try interests, creating an autonomous sense of personal value.

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