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                          Welcome Coyotes and Bobcats!

We will come together as a learning community to study social science to develop our thinking and communication skills. Social Science helps us to better understand the world around us through patterns, functions, systems, and behaviors. Statistics, critical thinking, research, and qualitative and quantitative measures help us to celebrate and identify the way our social structures support us.

Parents: The curriculum materials are posted to keep families informed on topics discussed. These topics are modified for age groups. Students will be challenged to develop their critical thinking skills and express ideas and opinions.


 Philosophy Analysis   

    Social Studies 9/6/2023  Art/Social Science Combo


  • Select a philosophy and complete the analysis worksheet. 

  • Present your chosen philosophy and share your insight with the group. 

  • Create your own philosophy and apply it to your poster board.



Tahoe Keys Part I, Research and Opposing Viewpoints

9/11/2023 Social Science



* Drone Flight over The Keys with Walk to the lagoon.


* Getting the facts worksheet.

Tahoe Keys Part II, Solutions and Perceptions

9/18/2023 Social Science

* What we know. Lesson review of fact worksheet.

* Watch:

* Group Read:

* Discuss: 

Solutions, Predictions, How community agencies find balance towards change. Blanket policy or specific regulations for the Tahoe Keys?

* Worksheet: If I had the power to change regulations I would . . . .

Identifying Roles of Local Government: City, County, and State

9/25/2023  Social Science

* Lecture: Let’s chart it out and get the numbers. Census populations! Who decides what? Funding projects and services?

* Poster Board Charts:

Identify: State, County, and City entities. What makes up our public services: schools, judicial systems, health systems, safety, utilities, ect.

* Group Read:

* Watch: Voting and Taxes Example:

The Philosophy of Competition and The Race to The Moon

10/2/2023  Social Science

Documentary: and


Popcorn and Hot Chocolate (optional)

North American Agriculture Part I,  Historical Considerations

10/9/2023  Social Science

Media Content:


North American Agriculture Part II The Future of Agriculture

10/16/2023 Social Science

Media Content:  Regnerative Farming is The Future        11 Amazing Farms You Haven't Seen Before

The Food - Health Connection. What are doctors saying?

10/30/2023  Social Science

* Submit querries to a licensed dietician/nutritionist.

Preserving The Past, Artifacts From Early Civilizations.

11/6/2023 Social Science

National Native American Heritage Month Bonus:

Preserving our land: The story of the National Park System and California.

11/27/2023 Social Science

Map and Timeline of our National Parks

Introduction by Ken Burns

National Park Coloring Pages

Philosophy Analysis:

12/06/2023  Social Science

Socratic Conversation quick video examples:

We've already had a socratic seminar about the Tahoe Keys project (you just didn't know it there was a method).

Seminar Topic: Solutions for Housing Insecure Tahoe Residents. Baby, it's cold outside!

Articles for student review:

Discussion Questions: What is housing insecurity? What are some of the challenges housing insecure people 


Read articles.

Discuss. Solutions, Support, Who can help?

The Curb Cut Effect and Americans with Disabilities Act and IDEA.

12/13/2023 Social Science

Family Celebrations and Traditions: The Roles of Families and Quality of Life.

12/20/2023 Social Science

* If you grow up to have a family, what would you want your family values to be? There are no wrong answers. What makes a strong foundation for us to thrive and grow? External qualities - like fresh air, warm shelter, access to good food, consistent routines. Internal qualities - telling family members how you feel about them, doing small things to show your love and support? Creating negativity or positivity in the home. What about cooperation?

01/10/2024 Philosophy for a New Year. Goals, Habits, Plans. Goal worksheets!

No Days Off

01/17/2024 King in The Wilderness: The life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

01/24/2024  The function and science of our environment. Elements of an empowering study space. Kon Mari: Framework Reading

Live tour with PORTS Park Ranger: Hearst Castle -exploring design elements.

01/31/2024   Silent Retreats: What are they and how do they influence individual experiences. Silent practice with coloring sheets. Introduction of what silent retreats look like and their purpose:

World religions such as Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and other religions use silent retreats to further their relationships with their spirituality (social science aspect). Below is a link to an example of a Christian using a silent retreat.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 01-00-48 smart_goal_worksheet_2021.jpg (JPEG Image 2480 × 3508 pi


February 2024


2/07/2024  The History of Sports

02/12/2024 Regional Geography, CA PORTS Lesson w/live ranger.

02/21/2024  Presidents Day Special Class: 02/16/2024 at 6:30pm

02/28/2024   EMS and First Responders

March 2024



In Celebration of Black History Month (February) and Women's History Month: Viewing of Hidden Figures, Arrive at 11:45,

Take notes to retell the story, using our note guide. Dismissal at 2pm.


03/13/2024  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #1

03/20/2024   The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #2

03/27/2024  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #3

April 2024


04/10/24  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #4

04/17/2024 PORTS, Ranger Zoom Lesson! California Weather Lesson

04/24/2024   The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #5

05/01/2024  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #6

May 2024

05/04/2024  Social Science Board Game Night! Saturday Special, 7pm-9pm, Games: King Domino, Risk, and History and Geography Trivia Games! Join us for fresh fruit and tortilla chips.

05/08/2024  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #7

05/15/2024   Social Science Jeopardy! Topics: Geography, Government, Pop Culture

05/22/2024 How the Discovery of Gold Changed the Cultural Face of California PORTS Program

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