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Code Of Conduct Policy 2023/2024

  • Students are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to scholarly discourse during class.

  • Students are encouraged to be bold and try different techniques with their art.

  • Students are praised often, and we are prepared to pivot with the learning needs of each individual.

  • We are a learning community and are inclusive of all students, all learning styles, all abilities, and make it a goal to respect and admire the learning visions parents have for their children. We hope to support but not interfere with family beliefs, and educational strategies. We resist passing judgement or placing labels on learning.

  • California Child Care Laws outline what the Tahoe Learning Lab can and cannot do as a tutor center. The Tahoe Learning Lab is limited in the amount and type of supervision we can provide without a childcare license. Students who are on site need to be enrolled in a class and attend during their scheduled class time. We have a waiting area with chess and board games for students waiting to be picked-up. We cannot force students to stay in our space against their will. Parents need to communicate the expectation that children do not leave the Tahoe Learning Lab during their scheduled class and tutoring session. If students choose to leave, we will notify parents immediately if no prior arrangements and permissions have been arranged. If there is an immediate risk to the health and safety of a child, 911 will be called.

  • Middle school and high school students are permitted to walk/bike to and from the lab with parent permission.

  • Elementary students need to have parents and designated authorized adults physically drop off and pick up students from our tutor center.

  • Students will need to maintain a level of self-regulation to stay attentive and on task during group instruction. After-class group tutoring is optional and not required. It's up to each student and parents to decide if group tutoring is beneficial and appropriate for each student. All students are welcome and encouraged to join us for group tutoring/homework help.

  • If a student disrupts other students through physical actions, inappropriate language or subject matter, or disruptive noises, or intentional destruction of lab materials or other student's work, they will be asked to switch to 1 on 1 tutoring at the class rate of $40 a day.  Families always have the option to withdraw from classes and/or tutoring sessions. A warning and phone call to parents can be made at the discretion of the teacher to create a learning plan that supports the participation of the student. We want all students to feel supported and have success.

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